An arrow is used with any bow to hit the target. Arrows could come in different sizes depending on their bows. For example, an arrow of a recurve bow is a little bit longer compared to an arrow for the crossbow. In ancient times, arrows are made of rock, wood or bamboo and a feather. Modern arrows on the other hand, are made up of reinforced plastic and aluminum.

Even with the changes of the modern components of arrows, the parts are still the same: the tip, the shaft and the fletching. The tip could be made up of a rock or metal before aluminum was introduced and arrows were only used for hunting and not for warfare. The shaft also shifted from wood or bamboo into reinforced plastic. The fletching was changed from a feather to plastic. At the end of an arrow there is a small piercing called nocks. This piercing was added so that the arrow will not slip off when mounted to any type of bow. There are three types of arrows in the industry based on their weight, the heavy arrow which features lesser recoil and smoother shot, medium weight arrow which is perfect for beginners and the light arrow for a longer aim with fast flight.

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